Inventors Network at Columbus State Community College, Westerville Center

7233 Northgate Way, Westerville, OH 43082


Since 1976, Inventors Network has been a central Ohio-based, non-profit, member-supported organization committed to the following objectives:
  • To educate, support and encourage inventors;
  • To assist them in learning how to protect, promote and benefit from their inventions;
  • To further public education relative to inventions and their impact on society and the economy.

Welcome to Inventors Network

In a group best characterized by its diversity, you will meet both professional and non-professional inventors who want to protect their intellectual property and whose ideas and plans are in various stages of development.

Networking with others eliminates the necessity to reinvent the wheel - shortening the journey from concept to product.

What can Inventors Network do for me?

Members share resources, information, and experiences to help each other. Common topics addressed by speakers:

  • Protection of ideas

  • Patent searches

  • Product development and design

  • Starting a business

  • Licensing

  • Patent application process

  • Disclosure documents

  • Product marketing

  • Manufacturing

  • Marketing

  • Market research

  • Prototyping

  • Business plans

  • Government assistance programs

Relevant associations, periodicals, publications, databases, current events, and trends are also discussed.

Do I have to own a patent to join?

No! Your membership allows you to attend meetings and become informed about developing your idea and securing your intellectual property.

Is it safe to disclose my idea?

Disclosure is not a problem if your idea is already protected. If it is not yet protected, documenting your disclosure in writing may make it easier to claim ownership of an idea. Also, different types of legal protection are available for different types of ideas.

There are several types of patents. There are also trademarks, service marks, copyrights and trade secrets. Protected ideas are called intellectual property. Inventors Network encourages members to keep non-protected disclosures confidential, but Inventors Network cannot guarantee that members will do so.

Each person attending each meeting must sign a confidentiality/non-disclosure agreement with respect to subject matter disclosed at the meeting.

What are we?

Inventors Network does not provide brokerage, manufacturing, marketing, design, legal, accounting, or financial services. Inventors Network is an association of people who either have experience or who want to learn from people with experience. We share tips and try to figure out the best way to proceed in our individual situations. If a member is impressed with a resource, one may recommend that resource to the group or to any other member. To explore technical or philosophical issues, whether you are an inventor, entrepreneur, employee, or employer, this is the ideal forum for networking with people who can identify with your goals.

Who can join?

Anyone who has an idea, an entrepreneurial spirit, or experience in meeting inventors' challenges, is welcome. There are no requirements regarding your idea, development, patent status, or educational level.


Inventors Network is an informational and networking organization. Attending a meeting does not establish a professional or business relationship with any featured speaker or other member unless expressly stated and agreed to between those parties. Members are encouraged to contact speakers outside of our meetings to receive services which can be relied upon in the member's particular circumstances. Meetings are designed to make members aware of issues and considerations in the invention process. Inventors Network assumes no responsibility for the success or failure of a member's actions taken in reliance upon information received at its meetings.